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At we provide a wide range of building and landscaping services to help transform your property. From the installation of new paving to a new home extension, our services are proven to offer outstanding value for money and a long-lasting solution.

After many years in the corporate world whilst at a training centre someone asked who has the best job here – the gardener, most agreed. With this in mind I resolved at that point I would work to become a competent gardener at home with few thoughts of becoming a professional.

Driven by these economic times I made a positive move to come out of the corporate world and started the process of building a viable sustainable garden management service. People asked me where did I learn my skills? My father used to insist on listening to Gardeners Question Time – 30 odd years of absorbing this information has had a positive impact. This is now leading me on to study at Hadlow for an FdSc degree in Garden Management.

It always surprises me how many thousands if not millions of pounds is spent buying a house yet the garden is given very little consideration in terms of appreciating the value of the property. And yet for prospective buyers, friends and family, it is the first thing they see and the one thing they judge you on!

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